Die Internasionale Toekenningsprogram om die jeug te bemagtig.

Presidentstoekenning vanaf 2013


Minimum tyd: 6 maande
Gemeenskapsdiens: 24 uur, oor 3 maande
Sport: 6 (of 3) maande
Vaardigheid: 3 (of 6) maande
Registrasie ouderdom: 14 jaar of ouer


Tydsduur: 2 dae, 1 nag
Afstand: 24km
Beplande aktiwiteite: 12 ure (6 ure per dag)

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Minimum tyd: 6 maande
Gemeenskapsdiens: 48 uur, oor 6 maande
Sport: 6 maande
Vaardigheid: 6 maande
Registrasie ouderdom: 15 jaar of ouer


Tydsduur: 3 dae, 2 nag
Afstand: 48km
Beplande aktiwiteite: 21 ure (7 ure per dag)

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Minimum tyd: 12 maande
Gemeenskapsdiens: 72 uur, oor 12 maande
Sport: 12 maande
Vaardigheid: 12 maande
Registrasie ouderdom: 16 jaar of ouer


Tydsduur: 4 dae, 3 nag
Afstand: 80km
Beplande aktiwiteite: 32 ure (8 ure per dag)

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Presidentstoekenning Nuus

PA candidates set new record

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PHOTO: SILVER CERTIFICATES Front: Jenelle de Jonge, Lisa McGuire, Liza-Ri Snyman and Steph-Marie de Lange. Back: Gideon Engelbrecht, Juan-Jacques Moller, Wian de Klerk, Jason Mellet, Hugo Badenhorst, Kieran Albertus and Jan-Carel van Niekerk. The ever popular quest towards the gold President’s Award achievement was boosted with a record number of bronze and silver medalists at Merensky High School. At the end of 2017 eleven Plasies qualified for their silver certificates, while no less than twenty five bronze certificates were achieved. During assembly on Monday, 22 January, the proud recipients received their certificates. " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC"…
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Final climb to Gold

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PHOTO: Back: Lisa MaGuire, Jenelle de Jonge, Anri McLean, Steph-Marie de Lange, Liza-Ri Snyman and Jason Mellet. Front: Jan-Carel van Niekerk, Luánn Botha and Kieran Albertus. Nine Plasies, who are currently busy with the gold level of the President’s Award at Merensky High School, completed their residential project from 27 November to 1 December last year at Tshega Christian Missions. The group focused mainly on the Lighthouse Academy, a school in Fobeni Village in the Bolubedo South area. The gold diggers painted an old container which will be used for the school’s sports equipment. Jason Mellet and Anri McLean, deputy head boy and girl at Merensky for 2017/18, also presented…
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More gold for Merensky

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PHOTO: Ryan Jackson and Riëtte Warmenhoven. Yet another two learners from Merensky High School qualified and received their gold President’s Award on Monday, 9 October. Ryan Jackson (grade 10) is the first boy, as well as the youngest receiver of this prestigious award at Plasieland. Riëtte Warmenhoven (grade 12) also completed all the requirements, which include 12 months of competing in the same sport and learning a new skill. They also completed an 80km hike over 5 days, did 72 hours of community service and attended a residential project where they spent 5 days on-site contributing to different community projects. Plasieland salutes Ryan and Riëtte on this international achievement.
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