Blue meets red on hockey field

Merensky High School’s girls and boys hockey teams met with teams from Ben Vorster High School for the 2016 league games on Wednesday, 11 May.

For the Plasie u.14 girls team, this was the toughest challenge of the season. At the end the two teams tied the score, 1-1. The Plasie goal was scored by Danielle Kasselman.

The u.15 girls were victorious with a final score of 2-1. Goals were scored by Jamie van der Merwe and Zoe Kader.

The u.16 girls had a tough, but very good game. At halftime the score was still 0-0. Ben Vorster scored early in the second half, but Merensky did not bow down and Liné Fourie scored a goal in the last 2 minutes, levelling the score.

With excellent team work and perseverance, the 2nd team Plasie girls won the match, 2-0. Goals were scored by Roeline O’Neill and Kirsten Adendorff. The player of the game was Hayley Stephenson.

The opposing 1st girls teams were involved in a titanic struggle. They waged war for 60 minutes, and both teams gave their all. The score was a tie of 0-0.

Hats off to the Plasie girls with two wins and 3 draws for the day. Merensky scored a total of six points, with only 3 against them.

The u.14 boys played an unbeaten Ben Vorster team and kept them at bay for most of the match. They conceded two late goals and lost the match 1-2 with Gerhardes Fourie scoring the Plasie goal.

The u.15 team played a friendly against Ben Vorster’s u16 team. They played well but ended up losing, 0-2.

In a tough match, the second team played as a united force, but it was not enough to secure the win. They ended up losing 0-2.

The first team played a see-saw match by leading twice, but ended up losing 2-3. JJ Davis and Samuel Modiba both scored brilliant goals to put the Plasies ahead. Unfortunately, strong play by Ben Vorster earned them a well-deserved win.