Bullseye for Merensky archers

Archery medal winners

On 11 February fourteen of Merensky’s best archers traveled to Pretoria and braved what is described as one of the toughest competitions in the sport, namely the Triple Crown Leg 1 ABO/3Di, hosted at Magnum Archery.

This adventurous range of 22 butts is set in a natural hunting environment over a distance of 1 to 4km. During this event the archers are divided into groups of four and aim at 3D animal targets as they would appear in their natural surroundings. Participants are scored based on their groupings on the target. This type of competition is challenging in the respect that it forces the archers to navigate rocky and often uneven terrain loaded with shrubbery, trees and outcrops which obscure the view. The targets are placed over distances ranging between 10 and 60 meters and archers compete according to draw weight, sex and age. The course usually takes six nail biting hours to complete.

Merensky Archers palmed many accolades and both teams claimed podium positions.

The second team, consisting of Helgardt Horn, Sean Hunt, Dewald Haagner and De Marco Meyer, earned bronze medals for third place overall while the first team comprising of Lin-Mari Theron, Ryan Jackson, Canell Jackson and André van der Merwe battled their way to second position and earned silver.

During the competition Lin-Mari Theron and André van der Merwe achieved two provincial qualifying scores whilst Mr Ockert le Roux, Ryan Jackson, Sean Hunt, De Marco Meyer, Benéche Jackson, Dawie and Janco Theron all attained one Provincial qualifier.


Back: Mr Ockert le Roux (Gold), Dewald Wagenaar, Helgardt Horn (Bronze), Andre van der Merwe (Gold).
Front: Martin Mostert (Silver), Ryan Jackson, Canell Jackson (Bronze), Lin-Mari Theron (Silver), Morney Kleinhans (Silver), Sean Hunt (Bronze), Beneche Jackson (Silver), Janco Theron (Silver).