Ms Nadia Last (Deputy Principal)
Ms Merise Katzke (Head of Department)

Grade 12 - Mss Nadia Last & Merise Katzke
Grade 11 - Mr Hernus le Roux
Grade 10 - Ms Leandi Botha & H le Roux

Grade 11 & 12 - Ms Merise Katzke
Grade 10 - Mr Hernus le Roux

Grade 11 & 12 - Mr Muller Boshoff
Grade 10 - Mr Tian Knoetze

Grade 8 Agriculture - Mr Francois Bothma
Grade 9 Agriculture - Mr Steve Kruger
Grade 8 Technology - Mr Tian Knoetze
Grade 9 Technology - Ms Leandi Botha

2023 DATES

Plasie Show (Agri-Merensky Small Livestock Training Facility)
12 Propafation and demonstration day (Gr 12 Agricultural Technology)
15 Scouting course by Koppert (Gr 11 Agricultural Management Sciences)
16-18 Nampo
19-20 Bekker Inter-schools Youth Show (HS Bekker, Magaliesburg)

19-21 John Deere groot masjinerie opleidingskursus (Lydenburg)
20 Bekmar course (Class 6) (Gr 10 & 11 Agricultural Management Sciences and Agricultural Technology)

10-11 Dutch visitors at Agri-Merensky

1 Bekmar course (Class 7) (Gr 10 & 11 Agricultural Management Sciences and Agricultural Technology)
9-11 Letaba Youth Show (Tzaneen Show Grounds)
15-17 Allesbeste Symposium (Merensky Aghricultural Academy)
22-23 AI Course (Gr 11 Agricultural Management Sciences)

5 Bekmar course (Class 8) (Gr 10 & 11 Agricultural Management Sciences and Agricultural Technology)
19 Bekmar course (Class 9) (Gr 10 & 11 Agricultural Management Sciences and Agricultural Technology)

1-6 National Youth Show (Clanwilliam, Weskaap)
12-14 ALFA Nampo Youth Show (Nampo Park, Bothaville)
18 Bekmar course (Class 10) (Gr 10 & 11 Agricultural Management Sciences and Agricultural Technology)



Agricultural Sciences is the study of the relationship between soils, plants and animals in the production and processing of food, fiber, fuel and other agricultural commodities that have an economic, aesthetic and cultural value.

The main topics in the Agricultural Sciences curriculum includes:

  1. Soil Science
  2. Plant Studies
  3. Animal Studies
  4. Agricultural Economics
  5. Basic Agricultural Chemistry
  6. Basic Genetics and Biological Concepts
  7. Sustainable Natural Resource Utilization
  8. Agro-ecology



Agricultural Management Practices is the study and application of production, economic and management principles that are used in the cultivation, transformation and marketing of food and other agricultural products.

There are three specific production enterprises that are focused on: 

  • Avocado
  • Macadamia
  • Beef cattle

Agricultural management practices combine theoretical knowledge and practical skills of disciplines such as crop science, animal science, economical and managerial science, engineering and information and communication technology.

Learners have the opportunity to attend various training courses, where they receive certificates of competence.

The main topics in the Agricultural Management Practices curriculum are:

  1. Crop Production and Crop Management
  2. Soil and Water Management
  3. Product Harvesting and Quality Control
  4. Animal Production and Animal Management
  5. Farm Management and Evaluation
  6. Value Adding, Processing and Producer Organizations
  7. Agro-tourism, Business Planning and Entrepreneurship

Landboutegnologie 02


The subject Agricultural Technology focuses on technology used in agriculture. This subject covers the knowledge of how processes, tools, equipment, structures and skills are utilized by farmers, to cultivate agricultural land and produce food and products, through various production processes, thus sustaining and maintaining quality of life and increasing economic, aesthetic and sound cultural values.

The main topics in the Agricultural Technology curriculum are:

  1. Safety
  2. Structural material
  3. Energy
  4. Construction processes
  5. Tools and equipment
  6. Irrigation and water supply
  7. Communication
  8. Drawings
  9. Measurements, calculations and calibrations

PinZ2yl Stoet


Merensky High School went into partnership with ZZ2 in 2012 when we received a group of pregnant heifers.   The purpose of this partnership is to make animals available to the school for the practical component of Agricultural Management Practices.  The project was started by Mr Willie Stevens in 2012.

The size of the herd varies according to our requirement for more or less animals. On average we have 13 animals on the terrain. The animals includes pregnant and non-pregnant heifers, cows and calves.  The rest of Merensky's agricultural team is also involved in the looking after the animals over weekends and during school holidays.

2015 Skouspan


Aside from the academic purposes of the PinZ2yl cattle, the cattle are also used for local and national youth shows. Mr. Arno Last is the show team manager and coach. 

Learners also have the opportunity to receive training in the showmanship of meat breed goats and mutton sheep and to participate in these categories at youth shows.


Merensky’s Agri-club visits Nampo trade show near Bothaville in the Freestate annually.

The club also visits agricultural enterprises in our area once every term. Only learners who belong to the agri-club may participate in youth shows and attend Nampo.