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President's award since 2013


Minimum time: 6 months
Community service: 24 hours over 3 months
Sports: 6 (or 3) months
Skill: 3 (or 6) months
Registration age: 14 years or older


Duration: 2 days, 1 night
Distance: 24 km
Planned activities: 12 hours (6 hours per day)

Keep a journal with all activities.




Minimum time: 6 months
Community service: 48 hours over 6 months
Sports: 6 months
Skill: 6 months
Registration age: 15 years or older


Duration: 3 days, 2 night
Distance: 48 km
Planned activities: 21 hours (7 hours per day)

Keep a journal with all activities.




Minimum time: 12 months
Community service: 72 hours over 12 months
Sports: 12 months
Skill: 12 months
Residential project: 4 days, 3 nights
Registration age: 16 years or older


Duration: 4 days, 3 night
Distance: 80 km
Planned activities: 32 hours (8 hours per day)

Keep a journal with all activities.



President's Award News

Golden candidates on golden beaches

Published on
PHOTO: Jaco van Staden, Hardus van Staden, Suandrie Corbett, Michaela Stanley, Kayla Gaigher, Meggan Cloete & Megan Meyer. Seven gold President Award candidates from Merensky High School completed the popular Strandloper hiking trail on the East Coast between Kei-Mouth and Gonubie during the school holidays from 25 to 31 March. This route is well known by the Merensky President’s Award tutors, as it is the third group of Plasies to complete the adventure. The Strandloper runs for three nights and four days. Sea life such as sea anemones, starfish, crayfish and numerous dolphins were also spotted. A number of Geocaches have also been found along the various routes. For the…
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Bronze fun in the forest

Published on
PHOTO: FRONT: Monique Botes, Leoné Slabbert, Joné du Toit & Nic de Beer. MIDDLE: Jackie van Heerden, Ilanie de Bruyn, Charmaine Ramokhola, Michelle Robertson, Angelique Toerien & Charline Chikukwe. BACK: Aldo van der Vyver, Manica van Schalkwyk, Makoma Pilusa, Jané Naudé, Diya Patel & Rahma Ali. 16 Aspiring grade 8-11 bronze President’s Award learners from Merensky High School completed their very first adventure journey from 15 to 16 March. The hike took place on the Westfalia Estate. The Merensky Hiking Trails, including the Dr Hans Merensky Morning Walk, with beautiful fountains, waterfalls and indigenous forest, was a sight to behold. On this route the hikers learned how Dr Merensky conserved…
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Another 2 Plasies gain bronze

Published on
Merensky High School congratulates Matthew van der Merwe and Hlulani Ngobeni (grade 9) on completing their bronze Presidential Awards. To achieve this, they had to deliver 24-hour community service over 3 months, participate in a sport and new skill for 3 or 6 months, and complete a 24km hike stretching over 2 days. These two also had to compile a journal according to which all activities were evaluated. Learners must be 14 years of age to register and spend a minimum of 6 months on the bronze level. Matthew and Hlulani are now aiming to complete the silver award requirements within the next year. Another 51 Plasie learners are currently…
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