Bronze fun in the forest

PT brons stap 2019

FRONT: Monique Botes, Leoné Slabbert, Joné du Toit & Nic de Beer.
MIDDLE: Jackie van Heerden, Ilanie de Bruyn, Charmaine Ramokhola, Michelle Robertson, Angelique Toerien & Charline Chikukwe.
BACK: Aldo van der Vyver, Manica van Schalkwyk, Makoma Pilusa, Jané Naudé, Diya Patel & Rahma Ali.

16 Aspiring grade 8-11 bronze President’s Award learners from Merensky High School completed their very first adventure journey from 15 to 16 March.

The hike took place on the Westfalia Estate. The Merensky Hiking Trails, including the Dr Hans Merensky Morning Walk, with beautiful fountains, waterfalls and indigenous forest, was a sight to behold. On this route the hikers learned how Dr Merensky conserved natural water resources. They reached Faery Glen camping site after a short but difficult 11km. On day 1, the weather played along and the group even enjoyed a splash in a pool with a natural waterfall.

Day 2’s 16km presented more of a challenge. Rain, towards the end of the trek, could not dampen the spirits. To much muddy enjoyment, some slipped, some fell, but everybody jubilantly reached the end of the journey.

A big thank you to gold achievers, Juan-Jacques Moller and Jenelle de Jonge, who accompanied the youngsters and made sure that they stayed on track.