A unique school-within-the-school

Merensky High School's unique MDDA (Music, Dance, Drama and Art School) operates under the governing body.

Highly qualified coaches provide an opportunity for students to develop their full potential and exploit their talents with 26 classes per year.

Depending on the student's timetable, some classes are offered during school hours and other after school.



Extra-curricular exams that can be taken:



Nothing dampens Plasie culture

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PHOTO: Jaco van Staden on the guitar. When it rains on your parade, move to another venue! This was true of the ever popular Wowee Wednesdays, hosted twice a term by the culture prefects at Merensky High School. Since the completion of the Bee Hive, this talent showcase found the perfect spot during breaks. However, the abundant rains interfered with the school diary. So, on Thursday 22 February, the bright sparks simply moved their “parade” to the school hall. Singers, dancers and musicians entertained the crowd in true Plasie style.  Well known performers like Jordin Young, Jaco van Staden and Crystal Kirstein were joined by exciting newcomer, Verliza Fox, who…
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Nuwe kitaar “Snaar” by Merensky

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FOTO: Derius Erasmus Hoërskool Merensky se Musiek-, Dans-, Drama- en Kunsskool (die MDDK) is opgewonde om mnr. Derius Erasmus as nuwe kitaartutor te verwelkom. Erasmus is ‘n oudPlasie wat op 17-jarige ouderdom sy kitaartande by Merensky se musiekskool, wat later jare herdoop is tot die MDDK, gesny het. Behalwe vir sy argitektuuragtergrond is Erasmus ook ‘n kranige fotograaf. Sy musiekvideos, animasies en grafiese werk word hoog aangeslaan. Die musiekgogga - meer spesifiek die rock-genre - het hom tydens sy studentejare behoorlik gebyt. In 2004 het hy by sy eerste orkes, D-Day 4 Ever, aangesluit. DD4E het twee albums opgeneem, in 2006 by Oppikoppi opgetree en ook later by Woodstock 7…
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Plasie dancers off to nationals

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PHOTO: Nicole Muller, Marla Barnard, Crystal Kirstein and Jeandre Joubert. On Friday, 19 January, 4 Classic, Latin and NRG dancers from Merensky High School’s MDDA auditioned in Polokwane for the Beyond 2000 national arts competition. Nicole Muller, Marla Barnard, Crystal Kirstein and Jeandre Joubert convinced the judges of their talent and were therefor chosen to compete in the national competition from end March. Judging on past successes and zealous tutoring from coach Bonita Jacobs, combined with talent and commitment, they will surely dance to the top.
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