More distinctions for the Plasies

Merensky High School’s class of 2018 recently, after a re-mark, received the good news that another 5 distinctions were added to their already impressive results. The number of Plasie distinctions has grown from 249 to 254.

Chanel Dohse now boasts 6 distinctions, after she also achieved above 80% for Afrikaans Home Language. Bianca Elbecht adds Life Sciences to her 3 distinctions, to make it 4. Liné Fourie now has 4 distinctions, with the addition of Afrikaans Home Language. Antje-Marise Lombard received a distinction for English First Additional Language, which gives her 3. English First Additional Language also gives Ciné Venter her second distinction.

The Plasies now boast with 143 learners with University Exemption.