Tour de Polokwane XCO action

Johan van den Heever

Johan van den Heever (Sub Junior Boys)

18 Learners of Merensky High School’s Mountain Biking Club participated in the Spur Schools XCO Mountain Bike Rally (also called the Tour de Polokwane) on the 18th of August at the Capricorn Racing Club in Polokwane.

In the Sub Junior Boys division, Johan van den Heever obtained an 11th place. In the Sub Junior Girls division, Janke Joubert boasts a 2nd place.

Gunter Katzke came 13th in the Youth Boys division, with Annalene Rood taking 3rd place amongst the Youth Girls.

Merensky seniors, Sheldon Muller and Armand Cronjé, achieved 2nd and 3rd places in the Junior Boys division.

The third Spur Schools Limpopo Competition, Tour de Lake, will be hosted at Stanford Lake College in Haenertsburg on 1 September.