Merensky beauty shines

Donne Oosthuizen

Donné Oosthuizen, grade 10 learner at Merensky High School, and international title holder “Teen Miss Earth 2016”, was invited to be hostess at the national round of the Little Model Earth pageant held at Protea Centurion Hotel on Saturday, 16 July.

Donné and Leandri Schreiber, her modelling teacher, were both part of the International Royalty, who did a show-off Paris walk at the gala event. Leandri is a facilitator at Merensky High School’s Music Dance Drama and Art Academy (MDDA).

Donné was also invited as VIP guest at Little Miss & Mr Galaxy 2017 on Saturday, 23 July, hosted by Amoné modelling Academy. She had the privilege of helping Leandri with the crowning.