Plasie cyclists off to Nationals

Tour de Marula team

Six cyclists from Merensky High School were recently chosen for team Limpopo. Janke Joubert, Annalene Rood, Jodi Spaumer, Sheldon Muller, Armand Cronje and Gunter Katzke will give their all at Bekker High School at the National XCO for High Schools during the October recess.

More cycling news is that no less than 15 Plasie cycle champs competed in the Tour de Marula, Spur XCO at Ellisras on Saturday, 15 September. Tzaneen is well known for its gruelling heat, but conditions in Ellisras proved to be an extreme challenge. Nonetheless, team Plasieland ended in 4th position out of 14 schools.

Janke Joubert took 2nd position (Sub Junior Girls), while Gunther Katzke was awarded 3rd place (Junior Boys). In the Youth Girls category, Annalene Rood ended 4th and Jodi Spaumer 5th. Sancha van Niekerk took 5th place in the Junior Girls category. Junior Boys Sheldon Muller took a 3rd and Armand Cronje a 4th position.

Hats off to Salmo Helberg, who ran to the finish line, bicycle held aloft, due to a flat tyre. Depicting true Plasie spirit, Trevor de Beer also completed the race although his jockey broke. Others who finished were Jurgens Spaumer, Stephan Jansen van Rensburg, Matthew Taylor, Dewald Kampman, Henri Benadie and Kyle Jansen van Rensburg.