Plasies rule at Eisteddfod Gala event


OVERALL WINNER: Bernice Cronjé

The annual Tzaneen Eisteddfod Gala evening was held at Merensky High School on 14 October.

As tradition dictates, Merensky High School pupils once again proved why their school was named as the top cultural school in the country. Most of the high school awards went to Merensky performers.

In the section for English grade winners, Kesia Pohl received the Grade 8, Heinrich van Zyl the grade 9, Valeriia Avdysh the grade 10, Laryn Prins the grade 11 and Mynhardt Bouwer the grade 12 certificates for top honours.

In the Afrikaans section the grade winners were: Ruette Schoeman (grade 8), Chris Bill (grade 10), Bernice Cronje (grade 11) and Mynhardt Bouwer (grade 12).

In the vocal section Bernice Cronjé was the grade 11 winner and Yvonne Fleischmann the grade 12 winner. The best piano award was given to Britney Chu, grade 10.

Specific item medals were awarded to Yvonne Fleischmann, Janke Jansen van Vuuren, Micaela Ball, Mynhardt Bouwer, Michaela Viljoen, Laryn Prins, Valeriia Avdysh, Lize Crafford, Elzette van Dyk, Britney Chu, Chris Bill, Heinrich van Zyl, Ruette Schoeman and Kesia Pohl.

Merensky’s grade 9 drama group also received a trophy for the best English dramatised item. The grade 11 drama group delivered the best one act play. The grade 12 group received the award for the best group mime item.

The top achievement of the ceremony was awarded to Bernice Cronjé, being named the overall winner of the 2015 Eisteddfod.