Plasies take the plunge

THE TEAM Front: Chelsey Gibson and Jomari de Beer. Middle: Ariël Oosthuizen Back: Doran Kleynhans, Tayla Vos, Daniel Smit and Ronan Theron.

Seven swimmers from Merensky High School competed in the first Limpopo heats on 27 and 28 January. This event took place at the Polokwane swimming pool.

Swimmers from 25 primary and secondary schools gave their all to be included in the Limpopo swimming team, to be announced shortly.

Merensky congratulates Tayla Vos who obtained one gold (u.15, 50m, breast stroke) and one silver medal (u.15, 100m breast stroke). Doran Kleynhans (u.16) also excelled in his breast stroke items, returning with two silver medals for the 50m and 100m. Kleynhans obtained a bronze medal in the 200m back stroke event. Jomarie de Beer (u.14) performed well in the 200m individual medley, ending in second place. A bronze medal in the 50m back stroke was obtained by Ariël Oosthuizen (u.16). Daniel Smit (13 years old) received a bronze medal in the u.15 200m back stroke event.