Plasies visit the USA

Akademiese toer na Amerika

During the October holidays four of Merensky students participated in Travel and Sport’s Academic Achiever Tour to the USA. Marlu McLean, Monique Zhanda, Dineo Shokane and Belinda Nzadi was excited to visit Boston, New York and Washington.

Visits were paid to world renowned universities, like Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton and the University of Columbia. Lectures were attended to stimulate these clever minds.

A holiday can never be work only, and places of interest that were visited, included the JF Kennedy Museum and Library, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial, the Capitol Building, Arlington Cemetery and the Smithsonian Museum.

A visit to a Broadway show, the comedy show Sheer Madness, dinner at the Hard Rock Café on Times Square and browsing on 5th Avenue provided entertainment to the teenage mind.

After the whirlwind fourteen days the group returned to school – tired yet energized with broadened minds, new friendships with intellectual peers and motivated to improve their own academic achievement. “A life changing experience”, was the unanimous description of the tour.