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Elri Verster
Me. Elri Verster


Me. Elri Verster

2017 Datums

27,28 Januarie - Limpopo Kampioenskappe
23-26 Maart - Vlak 3
31 Maart - 2 April - Vlak 2
1-3 April - SA Skole
3-8 April - SA-kamp
24 April - Seisoenafsluitingsfunksie
11 September - Interhuis
21 September - Interhoër
18 Oktober - Top 10 Hoërskole

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Townies rule at Plasieland gala

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As tradition dictates, the annual inter house gala at Merensky High School took the form of a heated challenge between hostel learners and those who live in town or the surrounding areas. This years’ gala took place on Wednesday 16 September with sunny weather after cold conditions over the weekend. The staff astonished one and all when they claimed the spirit trophy, once again showing that age is only a number. In the girls section the hostel won with 209 points to the towns’ 153. The town boys put a score of 263 on the board with the hostel boys scoring 155. The final score was Hostel 364 and Town…