Spring has sprung


After a severe cold winter, spring was welcomed with open arms in the Tzaneen area.

At Merensky High School, the executive committee went all out to set the stage during assembly. The Beehive formed the backdrop for a massive M, decorated with flowers. Wreaths, necklaces, face paint and a general air of jubilation welcomed the new season in a festive manner. An orchid was handed to Mr Mark Louwies, deputy principal, symbolising new beginnings and a happy spring.

This was not the end, as scrumptious eats awaited the staff in the staff room. Stefan Corbett and Liza-Ri Snyman (EC chairpersons) also expressed their gratitude on behalf of the learners towards all the dedicated Plasie teachers.

On Wednesday, 5 September, an outrageous colour fest and sokkie is scheduled to start on the soccer field and end in the Beehive.