Angus conquers the IMPI

Angus Dalrymple-Hay

Merensky High School’s fearless Angus Dalrymple-Hay (grade 11) took part in the 4th annual IMPI Hard Enduro off-road bike race from 15 to 17 June. This event was hosted at the Tugela Ferry Raceway in the heart of KZN. With 608 riders, this is the biggest and toughest hard enduro battle in South Africa.

After a grueling 200km over the 3 days, battling rough terrain and mechanical issues on day 2, Angus managed to make up over 100 positions on day 3 to finish 127th in the Silver Class. Tired but, by no means broken, he returned to Tzaneen having conquered the IMPI Hard Enduro.