Merensky Alumni Club

Merensky Alumni Club

Policies and Procedures

General members become active members by joining the Merensky Alumni Club.

The Merensky Alumni Club

  1. Old Plasies (learners and teachers) become general almuni members with registration.
  2. General members become active Merensky Alumni Club members when official Application and Debit Order forms have been completed by the member, received and approved by the Alumni Council.
  3. Membership fees of at least R80 (eighty rand) per month for professional persons and R40 (forty rand) per month for students will be paid by debit order. Additional payments can be made as special donations in general or towards specific projects or functions.
  4. Should membership fees not be paid for two months running, the member will be notified after which he/she will return to the status of General Membership.

Structure of the Merensky Alumni Club

  1. The Merensky Alumni Club may have an unlimited number of members.
  2. The Club structure, interests and marketing will be managed by the Alumni Council.
  3. The Club finances will be managed by the financial committee of the school, in collaboration with the Alumni Council.

Alumni Club Funds

Alumni funds will be used for:

  1. The development of Alumni structures (communications and networks),
  2. Special projects connected to the Alumni, and
  3. Marketing the school.

Benefits for Merensky Alumni Club members

  1. A free, unique identification card with the member's photo and details.
  2. Free entry to any sporting event at the school if the ID card is shown.
  3. Access to the Alumni Club area at such and other events.
  4. Preferential invitations and tickets to school events and functions.
  5. Thirty per cent discount on tickets for school functions.
  6. A quarterly e-newsletter with first-hand information on activities and happenings.
  7. A list of all Alumni members.
  8. Direct orders for the yearbook and placement of advertisements.

Click on a button to download the Merensky Alumni Club Application and Debit Order forms, or right-click and choose "Save As" to download.

Application Form

Debit Order Form