Policies and Procedures

Merensky Alumni Club


This organisation is known as Merensky Alumni. It is subject to the rules and regulations of Merensky High School. The motto is: “Help to think, cherish and guard...”.


Merensky Alumni was founded to organise and bring together former learners and teachers of the school. It furthermore aims to promote interest in the school and its activities and nurture a feeling of loyalty and pride. Finally, it aims towards promoting the ideals and goals of the school and to work towards a holistic uplifting and improvement of the school.


Merensky Alumni receives and allocates all money collected through membership, programmes and functions to the financial committee of Merensky High School. All Alumni funds are managed by the financial committee of Merensky High School under the Alumni Funds account.

Alumni funds will be used for:

  • The development of Alumni structures (communications and networks)
  • Special projects connected to the Alumni
  • Marketing the school


4.1. General Membership

All who matriculated at the school or worked at Merensky High School for a year or more, have access to membership. Those who didn't matriculate at Merensky High School but were registered learners for a year or more, may also apply for membership.

4.2. Honorary Membership

People who are not members, but have shown interest in the school, may qualify for honorary membership and appointed as members by the Alumni Council. Honorary members will not have the right or privilege to vote at any meeting of the Alumni and will neither be able to serve on the Alumni Council. They will, however, enjoy all rights and privileges of the organisation.

4.3. The Merensky Alumni Club

General members become active members by joining the Alumni Club.

4.3.1. Structure of the Merensky Alumni Club

  • The Merensky Alumni Club may have an unlimited number of members.
  • The Club structure, interests and marketing will be managed by the Alumni Council.
  • The Club finances will be managed by the financial committee of the school, in collaboration with the Alumni Council.

4.3.2. Policy of the Merensky Alumni Club

  • General members become active Merensky Alumni Club members when an official form has been completed by the member, and received and approved by the Alumni Council.
  • Membership fees of at least R80 (eighty rand) per month for professional persons and R40 (forty rand) per month for students will be paid by debit order. Additional payments can be made as special donations in general or towards specific projects or functions.
  • Should membership fees not be paid for two months running, the member will be notified after which he/she will return to the status of General Membership.

4.3.3. Benefits for Merensky Alumni Club members

  1. A free, unique identification card with the member's photo and details.
  2. Free entry to any sporting event at the school if the ID card is shown.
  3. Access to the Alumni Club area at such and other events.
  4. Preferential invitations and tickets to school events and functions.
  5. Thirty per cent discount on tickets for school functions.
  6. A quarterly e-newsletter with first-hand information on activities and happenings.
  7. A list of all Alumni members.
  8. Direct orders for the yearbook and placement of advertisements.

4.4. Notice of non-discrimination

No person will be refused membership on the grounds of race, gender, religion, age, colour, national origin, disability or sexual orientation/preference.


5.1. Structure of the Alumni Council

The Alumni Council consists of the school principal, vice-principal: marketing, governing body: marketing and the marketing committee of Merensky High School. The school principal and marketing manager will act as chairman and vice-chairman. A secretary and treasurer will be appointed by the Alumni Council. The school principal, marketing manager, governing body: marketing and secretary will form the executive committee of the Council.
Any member of council that doesn't adhere to the Council's requirements, including frequent attendance of meetings, could be ousted from the Council by a two-third majority vote of the remaining members. Should any member of the Council resign, be removed or pass away, the chairman will suggest a successor to serve on the Council, subject to a motion of confidence and approval of the majority of the Council.
Extra members may be added to the Council on meritorious grounds.

5.2. Purpose of the Alumni Council

Members of the Council is responsible for the following:

  • Promoting loyalty and enthusiasm for Merensky High School.
  • Promoting communication, networks and fellowship among members of the Merensky Alumni.
  • Recruitment of new members.
  • Collection of funds through membership fees and other functions and activities.
  • Spreading information regarding Alumni activities among the staff members of Merensky High School, the school community and Alumni members.


6.1. Alumni Council Meetings

The Alumni Council will meet at least 4 (four) times a year on notification of the Executive Committee. A majority of voting members will serve as quorum for the validity of the meeting.

6.2. Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting for members of the Alumni Club will be held in the middle of the year. During this meeting a financial report of the previous financial year will be made available for perusal of the members.

6.3. Special Meetings

Special meetings for the Alumni Executive Committee or the Alumni Council in full may be called at any time by the Chairman.

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