Mooketsi MTB proves a challenge

Mooketsi MTB
Arman Cronjé
Armand Cronjé

A few nountain bike riders from Merensky High School competed in the PPS MTB at Mooketsi on 31 October.

After only 15km, the promising rider Armand Cronjé together with mrs Nadia Last got lost. After adding three kilometers to their route, they managed to join the group. Plasieland is proud of mrs Last, who finished 10th in her first ever race. Armand ended in 14th place in the 14 year category.

The 35km event proved to be extremely challenging in the severe heat. Sheldon Muller ended in overall fourth place, and third in the 15 year category.

Amelia Middleton was placed third in the ladies event and first in the 16 year category.

Christelle Coetzer ended in second place in the 14 year age group, whilst Michelle Stevens ended third and Bernice Cronje fourth in the 17 year category.

Chelsea Schlebusch was placed fifth in the 16 year age group, after pushing her bicycle for the last ten kilometers due to a flat tyre.