Old Plasie plays for Titans

Viraj Devdhara

All rounder, Viraj Devdhara (class of 2017), was chosen to play for the Limpopo u.18 (Coke) team from 17 to 22 December in Johannesburg. He ranked among the top 10 bowlers of the week, reaping 12 wickets and 9 maiden overs. His best bowling figure was 6/23.

Scouts took notice of Devdhara’s fine performance and invited him to play for the Titans u.18 Cubs team from 4 to 8 January this year. In this tournament he managed to take 3 wickets in 22 overs with a best of 1/29.

Merensky High School and the Lowveld community will continue to keep an eye on this promising young cricketer.