Plasies burn the dance floor

Abbigail Caldeira, Handy Mosila, Jeandré Joubert, Crystal Kirstein and Luzaan Spies.

Dancers from Merensky High School’s MDDA took part in a Solo-Latina competition in Tzaneen on Saturday, 28 July.

5 Dance schools competed and the Plasies burned the dance floor.

Congratulations to Jeandré Joubert in grade 11 who achieved a gold medal in Latin, a silver medal in NRG and bronze in Hip-Hop.

Handy Mosila in grade 10 is a man who knows his Hip Hop and earned a gold medal for his skill.

Another grade 10 dancer, Crystal Kirstein, acquired gold for NRG and two bronzes for Latin and Classic.

Abbigail Caldeira, grade 9, participated in the Advanced Champion section – considered to be rather difficult. She received gold in Classic, bronze in Latin and finished fourth in NRG.

Luzaan Spies in grade 9 received a silver for Latin and bronze for NRG.