Winter sports: Merensky vs Pietersburg HS

Merensky High School’s rugby, hockey and netball teams competed against the teams of Pietersburg Hoërskool on Saturday, 13 May in league games.

RESULTS (Merensky scores published first)

u.14A: 0-46
u.14B: 7-35
u.15A: 8-10
u.15B: 5-39
u.16A:  0-73
u.16B: 0-89
3rd: 7-47
2nd: 12-22
1st: 15-25
1st team: Noko Malatji en Richard Coleman each scored a try. Successful goal and penalty kicks by Wynand Scholz.

u.14: 1-4 (player of the match: Kita Coppen)
u.15: 0-3 (players of the match: Charlize Meyer and Zané Booysen)
2nd: 0-3 (player of the match: Kyla Schoeman)
1st: 0-1 (player of the match: Jenna Devenish)

u.14: 1-5 (goal scored by John Robert Honiball)
u.15: 2-0 (goals scored by Banjamin Freitas and SJ de Lange; man of the match: Tiaan Viljoen)
u.16: 0-7
2nd: 0-1
1st: 1-3 (goal scored by Samuel Modiba)

u.14A: 10-33
u.14B: 6-13
u.15A: 20-9
u.15B: 13-18
u.16A:  26-24
u.16B: 12-27
17A: 1-34
2nd: 20-14
1st: 17-28